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    Squad Events Are Back!

    Hello BigD Squad Community!

    Today we are excited to announce the return of the amazing Squad Friday Fight Night Events!


    BigD Squad events have played a significant role within the BigD Squad for the past few years and have been a tremendous success, regularly attracting between 40 and 60 players per event!
    To kick off the season we will be going BIG! So keep your eyes peeled in the #bigd-events channel for our first event in the coming weeks.

    We are also excited to announce a completely new team that will be managing the events: BigD Squad admins Spinxy from clan GRIM and Lithium from clan TVG. These individuals will oversee our Friday Fight Nights and bring a fresh perspective to ensure exciting and intense games.

    We would also like to give a big shout-out to the folks at PCG who have made this possible by hosting all of our Squad Events on their server! So, a special thanks to Shadow and the team.


    Do you want to contribute your own ideas to the new events? Be sure to comment with all your requests and engage in discussions about the events in the squad-chat channel, as some of them might be selected.

    Till then, see you in the discord and in the server.

    Helpful Links:
    BigD Discord: https://discord.gg/bigd
    Phuc Clan Gaming Discord: https://discord.gg/phuc

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