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When playing on BigD servers, you have agreed to follow the rules set out on the BigD website. We expect all players to stick to a general set of basic decency guidelines.

Teamwork, Maturity and Fairplay have been the foundations of BigD since the start. This Code of Conduct is based around those Principals. 


  • Good Sportsmanship
    • Play the game for the fun of it and thrive together.
    • We believe that the video gaming culture thrives when everyone involved is having fun. Play fair, play to learn together and play a good game no matter the outcome. 
  • Do:
    • Have fun and play fair.
    • Let your skills take you to the top.
  • Don’t:
    • Cheat! Buying, making, promoting or using cheats ruins the experience
    • Abuse exploits or glitches to gain an unfair advantage.


  • Do:
    • Be your best self.
    • Stay cool- we have all had games where emotions run high. Take a break, Take a breath. Its a game
    • Be respectful.
  • Don’t:
    • Bully, Harass or target other, anywhere. Online or offline.
    • Lose control. It is easy to lash out or give in when things get tense. Don’t let it do the talking. 


  • Respect and Inclusion:
    • All affiliate clans and the wider community have players from all over the world, from different origins, backgrounds, religions, ideologies and orientations. We celebrate this by embracing each player with equity.
    • We follow a zero tolerance policy across all BigD platforms for any racist, extreme-nationalist, sexist or other discriminatory behaviour.

BigD servers are a place where all players can come to game, let out steam, relax, have fun and compete, without the fear of harassment or being in a toxic online environment. 
This code of conduct is supported by the Individual Game Server Rules. 

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