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    HLL Servers Get Some Tech Love

    Hey there - we would just like to start off our news post by saying Thankyou to everyone who has and continues to contribute to an awesome Hell Let Loose community at BigD Gaming. We would not exist without the support of players and our volunteer Admins. 

    On top of today's update of improvements, we are eager to continue improving what we offer. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome in the BigD Discord server. 

    Now I'm sure you have all noticed some extra features to our BigD #1 server in recent weeks. The short summary of the work being done, is an upgrade to our admin tools to solve some issues we were having with the previous tools - plus also introduce new ways to enjoy our server and earn queue skip whitelisting. 

    New Seeding for VIP

    To solve some issues with the previous system not rewarding people accurately for seeding, we can now accurately track your active or afk seeding commitments. As a secondary bonus for seeding, you will also receive a 3x multiplier when map voting for your favourite map! 

    To earn VIP server queue skip (whitelisting), you will need to seed (play in the server or idle afk) for at least 1 hour in a calendar week when the server player count is below 40.

    Pro Tip -  Type !vip in game to see how you are progressing on your way to VIP status.

    Map Voting

    The previous system was a random map rotation, which unfortunately meant sometimes the same maps would come up repeatedly.

    Now we have the ChatGPT of map voting, with it’s added intelligence, you should see some variety to your games, while also stopping day and night versions of the same map coming up for vote.



    For another way to enjoy VIP, while also trying out some different classes or guns, complete all challenges to earn the the status.

    Challenges reset Monday 5PM AEST, get it done that night and have the remainder of the week VIP.

    Check out the #hll-challenges channel on our discord server for details on the challenges each week. 



    Once again, Thankyou to all who choose our server to play on BigD and who contribute to a strong player community.



    BigD Hell Let Loose Admin Leadership 

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