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  • Madhouse

    ArmA is Back at BigD

    Attention, Warriors!

    Exciting news awaits as we proudly unveil the resurgence of BigD ARMA 3 in 2024! The hiatus is behind us, and the call of the battlefield resonates once again. Prepare to gear up and engage as we usher in a new chapter of tactical warfare and indelible experiences.



    • High-Octane Tactical Operations
    • Dynamic Open-World Missions
    • Genuine Military Simulation
    • Emphasis on Teamwork and Strategy



    • Join the conversation at discord.gg/BigD for timely updates and coordination.
    • Install/Update ARMA 3: Ensure your game is current.
    • Mod Installation Check: Verify that your mods are correctly installed and up-to-date.
    • Review Tactics: Brush up on strategic approaches for a seamless re-entry.
    • Checkout the full configuration, including server status, mods & rules on the DayZ landing page: https://www.bigd.com.au/arma


    Why Join?

    • Reconnect with former comrades and forge new alliances.
    • Experience ARMA 3 at its pinnacle.
    • Conquer fresh challenges as a united force.


    But that's not all! We're also introducing the following features to enhance your ARMA 3 experience on BigD:

    • BigD Mod with Custom Menu: Discover our custom mod available on the Steam Workshop, featuring a personalized menu that allows you to join BigD servers directly from the main menu for seamless access.
    • Operations After Action Report Service: Check out our after-action report service at http://aar.bigd.com.au/ to review and share your experiences from each operation.


    Server Details:

    • BigD Operations Server:
    • IP:
    • Port: 2402
    • Password: BigD2024


    BigD Persistent Mission Server:

    • IP:
    • Port: 2430


    Calling All Mission Makers and Server Admins:

    We're on the lookout for dedicated individuals to join our ranks! If you have a passion for crafting immersive missions or possess the skills to steer our server, we want you on our team. Contact us on discord.gg/BigD and be a crucial part of shaping the ARMA 3 experience.


    Spread the News:

    Tag your fellow soldiers and amplify the message! The more, the merrier. Let's transform this relaunch into an epic return for our ARMA 3 community!


    Stay Connected for Further Updates!

    Gear up for a triumphant return to the immersive realm of ARMA 3. The battleground beckons, and triumph lies just beyond the horizon!


    See you on the Frontlines!

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