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Melee Madness!!


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Gamemode: Warfare on Sainte Mere Eglise

Players: 2 even teams

Admins/Refs: 1 - 2

Rounds: 3

Round Time: 30 minutes

Event Time: 1 hr 45 minutes, including briefing

Setup Required: None

Game: Both teams will fight for the centre strongpoint on Sainte Mere Eglise, using melee weapons only!


  • Melee weapons only!! All other weapons prohibited.
  • No tanks, artillery, commander abilities, grenades, flamethrowers, etc.... if it's not a knife or a shovel, it's not allowed.
  • The area of play will be restricted to the 4 grid squares surrounding the centre strongpoint.
  • Once match warm up ends, teams will have until 1:25:00 game time to place garrisons just outside the active area of play.
  • Teams may not enter the area of play before 1:25:00 game time.
  • Once the round starts, both teams fight for control the centre strongpoint.
  • Teams may place OPs anywhere within the area of play, excluding the strongpoint.
  • Half Tracks and Airheads are not permitted.
  • The team who holds the strongpoint at the end of the 30 minutes, or 0:55:00 game time, will win the round.
  • Map will be rolled after each round and teams will play as opposite faction (i.e. the team that just played US, will play German in the next round)
  • The team that wins best out of 3 rounds wins the match.


Sign up athttps://discord.com/channels/117788388525998087/963292619780292608/1076785661140533308


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