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Friday, 3 February 2023 19:00

Game mode: Super FOB
Players: Two Even Teams
Rounds: 2
Admin/Refs: 1 or 2
Round Time : 40 Minutes (10 minutes build time)
Event Time: Approx. 2 hours (including briefing)
Setup Required: Roll map once and play

This is SUPER FOB! Build up your German Defences and hold back and vicious attacks of the Allies


• Germans will have 10 minutes to build up their 2nd point, (no matter what point is rolled)
• Transport trucks, supply trucks and halftracks allowed.
• Allies must not go past the Middle Sector or shoot guns until the build phase is complete at 1:20:00 on the game timer
• Allies will be allowed to build garrisons, nodes and OPs during the build phase as long as they dont violate the previous rule
• From 1:20:00 Allies will have 30 minutes to capture the defended point (ending at 0:50:00)
• Commander abilities allowed.
• One active tank per team allowed.
• Smoke Arty ONLY

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