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  • BigD Gaming Affiliation Program
    BigD Gaming has a unique program of affiliating with like minded gaming clans & communities to help promote each other & to provide each other shared services. In return for active commitment to BigD Gaming, our affiliated groups receive advertising, game server perks such as reserved slot access, a say in the direction of games we host & support + access to other groups/streamers/content creators & networks.

    All enquires can be made by contacting BigD Management on our discord server via support ticket https://discord.gg/bigd 



    What is BigD? Why are we affiliated? What does it all mean?
    BigD aims foster an inclusive community for tactical FPS players, where teamwork, maturity and comradery comes first.
    The best battles are played on BigD - for both new and veteran players.

    Our affiliate program aims to provide a "home base" for communities that can grow and build their playerbase and clan, and in turn fosters the best environment in OCE for games.

    Basically, we want to provide you with all the perks of BigD's long-standing community, in return for your patronage, and a little of your time - when and if you can. But most of all, we want to unite all players, across clans, to have the best gaming experience together across OCE.


    So, what's in it for us, other than just whitelisting?
    BigD offers clans:

    • VIP Whitelisting

    Skip the queue for your members!

    • BigD server use for clan-run events

    Have something with your clan planned? Make sure you talk to us about how we can host it, support it and promote it!

    • BigD Media Team opportunities

    Are you a streamer or content creator? Get access to in-game tools as well as our market reach and exposure!

    • More stuff on the horizon, to be rolled out soon, including:

    Merchandise, clan promotions, potential affiliate discounts with businesses, affiliate-only game servers (for training etc)

    Basically, we want to use our power to help your clan be AWESOME!


    So, what do we have to do then?
    What we ask of Affiliates

    • BigD servers are your servers.

    They're your home. We hope you play on them predominantly, and your feedback and ideas are welcomed!

    • Server seeding

    If you can help - we love any help we can get kicking our servers off. Even if it's AFK. It's not mandatory, and never will be. But if you are in the position to help your comrades out, we thank you, and many hands make light work.

    • Admin Volunteering

    Want to help keep things running along nicely in our Discord or game servers? Many hands make light work and any help is really appreciated!

    • Branding

    If you create content, some secondary BigD branding (we never want you to lose or replace YOUR identity) is an awesome shout-out

    • Keep just being awesome.

    Be the players that inspired you to keep playing. Inspire and teach new players, be the cool voice of reason, be the veterans you aspired to as a younger player


    Finally - some brief T&Cs

    • BigD aims to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive place for everyone and to do everything we can to support our affiliates. In the end, BigD is just a group of affiliates.
    • We ask that all affiliates uphold the standards of the BigD CoC and we will always do the same.
    • We ask all affiliates to 'take the high road' where possible, and don't be like every other toxic place on the internet.
    • If you have questions - please reach out to your clan leader, or a Community Manager. We represent you, and are here for you.


Club Directory

All Clubs

  • Closed Club  ·  110 members

    OnlyClans is a clan founded on brotherhood, ability, teamwork, and having fun. We are a mature age clan that values friendship, integrity and excellence. OnlyClans is a Hell Let Loose focused clan and is home to some of the most knowledgeable and experienced HLL players in Oceania. In addition to Hell Let Loose we also play a range of games including Squad 44, Squad, Arma, Chivalry 2, Battlefield, Rust, Tarkov and more. You'll find OC members hanging out in discord most days playing various game and we also host weekly gaming nights. We are always looking for new members to join our community, so don't hesitate to come hang out and play some games.

  • Closed Club  ·  87 members

    TCLS Introduction Welcome to Taiwan Cloud Leopard Squad | [TCLS]. Initially, we were just a small 9-man squad, playing, learning, and enjoying the thrill together that the game gave us. In 2019, our leader and OGs (Original Members) began planning to recruit more players, aiming to promote the squad in Taiwan and provide a place for Taiwanese players to connect. We aspired to create a space where mil-sim (military simulation) enthusiasts could discuss, enjoy teamwork, and bring strategies to life. To achieve this, we became more professional, initiating regular meetings to discuss everyone's specialities. We started providing tutorials, lectures, rules and implemented a ranking system for our members. Through everyone's efforts, we gained more members and evolved into a clan capable of challenging other clans. Although we acknowledge there is room for improvement, we hope everyone can enjoy their stay and the game, gaining a unique experience distinct from everyday life. Our clan consists of former and active-duty military personnel, workers, students, and milsim enthusiasts. Despite our best efforts to advertise our clan, squad awareness remains limited on mainstream platforms in Taiwan, constraining our growth. However, this small community has fostered a strong sense of unity among us. Last but not least, we hope you can enjoy your stay, and maintain a friendly atmosphere, both learning and teaching others. We also encourage you to join us in building this clan together, creating a great experience for everyone.

  • Closed Club  ·  66 members

    The Foys are a group of predominantly Australian and NZ Hell Let Loose players who forged a bond on the snow and blood-covered battlefields of Foy. We pride ourselves on being a close-knit family that enjoys HLL at both a social and competitive level. We welcome anyone into our ranks - If you've got the right stuff in-game and enjoy a bit of friendly banter, you'll fit right in and we would love to have you.. We're a smaller, more intimate group, and like to get to know prospective members before offering membership.

  • Closed Club  ·  40 members

    Greetings Soldier, This is a clan that is made up of members who play Squad. Here in our clan, we aim to play the game in a manner wherein we apply real-life tactics into in-game action as best as we can. We are also open to teaching new players how to play the Squad properly and giving them good experiences in whichever roles the player may choose to play. If you have the willingness to learn, then you've come to the right clan. We hope to hear good news from you and more victories to come. Lupus non timet canem latrantem.

  • Closed Club  ·  40 members

    Welcome to The International Special Operative Movement ([TISOM]), a gaming community that transcends borders and unites gamers from Australia and New Zealand. Embracing the spirit of camaraderie, [TISOM] is more than just a clan; it's a family of like-minded individuals who share a passion for gaming. Our name signifies our commitment to excellence, professionalism, and a touch of the extraordinary. TISOM The group made by Nerds serving Nerds In our own Special Way

  • Closed Club  ·  37 members

    This club hasn't provided a description.

  • Closed Club  ·  21 members

  • Closed Club  ·  21 members

    We are a Hell let Loose and squad base clan however we do play other games such as Warno, Company pf heroes, Age of Empires, starship Troopers, and Call of Duty the clan was formed by Wardaddy, Aussie Ace. is our head of admin we are an 18+ clan we will sometime merc for other clans other then that it all about fun feel free to join the clan have some fun. please note we are a social clan. We are also a proud affiliates of the BigD community in Australian

  • Closed Club  ·  21 members

    We are good team, chill af.

  • Closed Club  ·  20 members

    The PCG community is an energetic and close-knit group of gamers who come together to form a strong and supportive gaming community. We are known for our passion for various genres of video games, including first-person shooters, role-playing games, strategy games, and more. Members of the community share a common love for gaming and enjoy engaging in multiplayer matches, organizing tournaments, and participating in online gaming events. What sets the us apart is our emphasis on inclusivity and creating a welcoming environment for all gamers. The community actively promotes diversity, respect, and fair play among its members. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, everyone is encouraged to join and contribute to the community's vibrant atmosphere. Within the our community, members often collaborate and team up to improve their gaming skills, share strategies, and offer support to one another. Communication and camaraderie are key pillars of the community, with members frequently interacting through voice chat, forums, and social media platforms to discuss gaming-related topics, exchange tips, and organize game sessions. Whether you are looking for a group to play games with, seeking to improve your skills, or simply want to connect with like-minded gamers, the PCG community offers an inclusive and engaging space for gamers to come together, have fun, and forge lasting friendships.

  • Closed Club  ·  15 members

    Welcome to Emu War Veterans (EWV), we're a community of like-minded individuals from Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and beyond, united by our love for gaming. We're an inclusive gaming group that focuses on fun and inclusion over cutthroat competition.

  • Closed Club  ·  12 members

    >>>>>> 1. Treat others as you want to be treated, if not better. <<<<<< >>>>>> 2. Make Plays. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ If that sounds like you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reach out and check out ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Never Really Dead, ________________________________________________________________________________________________ the original Hell Let Loose Oceania clan. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Closed Club  ·  11 members

    The shittest players you'll ever meet tbh, never let us near armor. Artisinal Maincampers, Your Maincamping needs met.

  • Closed Club  ·  11 members

    ARCTIC is a dynamic gaming collective that thrives across multiple platforms, primarily centered around ArmA 3, Runescape, and Call of Duty. With a passionate community of gamers, ARCTIC provides a diverse gaming experience tailored to different interests and playstyles. In ArmA 3, members engage in immersive military simulations, coordinating tactics and strategies in realistic combat scenarios. Meanwhile, in the expansive world of Runescape, they embark on epic quests, hone their skills, and build their virtual empires. Lastly, in the fast-paced action of Call of Duty, ARCTIC members showcase their reflexes and teamwork in intense multiplayer battles. Whether exploring vast landscapes, strategising for missions, or dominating in competitive arenas, ARCTIC offers a supportive environment where gamers can connect, collaborate, and excel together.

  • Closed Club  ·  9 members

    Just a good bunch of super hydrated blokes. The only questions we have is, purified water, distilled water, spring water, mineral water? Second question Still, Sparkling, Chilled?

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