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TCLS Introduction Welcome to Taiwan Cloud Leopard Squad | [TCLS]. Initially, we were just a small 9-man squad, playing, learning, and enjoying the thrill together that the game gave us. In 2019, our leader and OGs (Original Members) began planning to recruit more players, aiming to promote the squad in Taiwan and provide a place for Taiwanese players to connect. We aspired to create a space where mil-sim (military simulation) enthusiasts could discuss, enjoy teamwork, and bring strategies to life. To achieve this, we became more professional, initiating regular meetings to discuss everyone's specialities. We started providing tutorials, lectures, rules and implemented a ranking system for our members. Through everyone's efforts, we gained more members and evolved into a clan capable of challenging other clans. Although we acknowledge there is room for improvement, we hope everyone can enjoy their stay and the game, gaining a unique experience distinct from everyday life. Our clan consists of former and active-duty military personnel, workers, students, and milsim enthusiasts. Despite our best efforts to advertise our clan, squad awareness remains limited on mainstream platforms in Taiwan, constraining our growth. However, this small community has fostered a strong sense of unity among us. Last but not least, we hope you can enjoy your stay, and maintain a friendly atmosphere, both learning and teaching others. We also encourage you to join us in building this clan together, creating a great experience for everyone.

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