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  • What Is Squad?

    Squad is a mass multiplayer online player vs player game consisting of 50 players either side. Each team has a simple task of capturing strategic points in order. This is called AAS (advance and secure), RAAS (Random Advance and Secure) and Invasion (enemy starts at the closest point to you but is the same principle as AAS).

    Squad also features massive arsenals of weapons and vehicles across ten playable factions, some of these factions include Australians, USA, China, Russia and Insurgents.

    The game is won and lost on a ticket point system, each side having a certain amount of tickets or points as some like to call them. Tickets are lost by eliminating players, vehicles and taking strategic points. Tickets can be won by taking back lost strategic points.


    BigD is your home of SQUAD in Australia

    BigD Gaming, a community-driven organization established in 2006, initially began its operations by hosting local servers for the Project Reality mod, based on Battlefield 2. Since then, BigD has consistently provided hosting services for cooperative-focused first-person shooter games like SQUAD, Hell Let Loose and various others.

    BigD Gaming is a voluntarily run entity, proudly presenting a vibrant multi-clan gaming community situated in Australia. It features proactive administrators, community involvement through events, responsiveness to feedback, giveaways, and additional offerings.


    Community, Admin Support, VIP Whitelisting

    BigD Discord is the best place to get instant support and communication, join today: discord.gg/BigD

    We have many roles at BigD that you can apply for in order to help run and maintain the server. You could sign up to be a seeder, all you need to do is head over to the BigD discord and head to the #react-for-role channel and click the Squad Seed Role. This will then ping you when we call for our seeders to help and to get the server popped.

    Want to help us keep the servers safe and free of disruptions? Apply to be an admin on our discord.

    Banned from our servers? Please lodge an appeal via the Website Support tickets: https://www.bigd.com.au/support/create/

    Don't like waiting in line? Skip the queue to join our full servers! Donators are granted VIP whitelisting by supporting BigD: Read more and setup a donation here: https://www.bigd.com.au/subscriptions/

  • Server Rules


    1. Advertising in any form for clans, communities, websites, or any other 
    individual/group is forbidden without the approval of a Community Manager.

    2. Any discussion of bans or rules in-game is considered poor etiquette.
    a)  We encourage users to join us on Discord or the Support Forums in order to resolve all grievances.

    3. Impersonation of any BigD Squad Admins, Managers, Moderators, Clan 
    Members, or other affiliated individuals and groups is forbidden.

    4. Gamertags must not have profanity, racism, slander or any words/phrases that may be seen as offensive. This includes abbreviations and replacing letters of an offensive word with symbols/numerals.

    5. Excessive/targeted profanity in voip and text chat is not allowed.

    6. Griefing, Spamming, Exploiting, Cheating, Racism, Sexism, doxing and Harassment are not tolerated on our servers

    7. Do not spam the !admin ping, if you do need to ping an admin, ensure you also include the reason within your !admin ping


    1. No Teamkilling (including revenge team killing), Ghosting, Glitching, Griefing, Spamming, Exploiting, Cheating, Hate Speech, or Blatant Racism.

    2. Any vehicle requiring a Crewman kit must have 2 crewman.

    3. Vehicle assets are claimed by first in, first served. Creating a Squad with a specific asset does not exclusively claim that asset.
    a) If a player has been waiting longer at spawn than you for that specific vehicle and you steal said vehicle you will be asked to dismount

    4. Do not waste or misuse team assets, this includes but is not limited to:
    a) Using Vehicles as one-way transports for yourself.
    b) Leaving Vehicles behind in a non-active area. (Either blow it up, drive it to an active area or send it back to main. Especially Logistics Vehicles)
    c) Using air vehicles to collide with enemy soldiers, vehicles, or infrastructure

    5) Main Camping is allowed for infantry, technicals, emplacements and mines, unless
    a) You are using an armoured vehicle. They are NOT allowed to main camp.
    b) The enemy team does NOT have any free land-based escape routes, i.e., they are not being blocked or camped by anything.


    1. You must join/create a squad or you will be considered AFK and may be 

    2. Do not create a squad unless you intend on leading it. (ie you create a squad and disband or hand over leadership)

    3. Squad Leaders must have a Squad Leader Kit, a working microphone and must speak/communicate in English 

    4. Squad Leaders may kick you for any reason they wish, do not retaliate if they do so, either come see an admin (If you have an issue with it) or join another squad.

    5. Please ensure you and your squad are playing towards the active flags, attacking and defending as often possible: Allowing the following exceptions
    a) Smaller squads (3 players or less) who are operating behind lines activities; ie Mortars, logistics, TOWs.
    b) A squad of above 3 must have all members playing the objective. If your squad exceeds 3 then they must be removed from your squad or your entire squad must change to playing the active objectives.
    c) Attacking enemy habs/mortars/vehicles close to the active flag.

    7. You must not use profanity, racism, slander or any words/phrases that may be seen as offensive as your squads name. This includes abbreviations and replacing letters of an offensive word with symbols/numerals.

    (When the SERVER is equal/below 50 players)

    1. Do NOT place the FOBs/ HABs within and at least 150 meters away from the middle cap or one cap back from the middle cap

    a) HABs that are placed on or too close to the cap MAY be attacked and dug down
    b) If however on a seed layer the radio is by default closer than 150m, then it may be left in its default position.

    5. Do NOT camp or takedown enemy FOBs/HABs that are off cap

    6. Do NOT cap past the middle cap (non-seed layers only)

    7. Do NOT use mortar or any other offensive emplacements

    8. Only one (1) radio per team. You may relocate a seed layer radio, but the original radio must be first removed.

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