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    Squad44 (formerly Post Scriptum) Server Launch

    In the past month there has been excitement in the gaming world with news of Post Scriptum being brought out by the Developers of SQUAD and now rebranded as Squad44 with a development plan into 2024 to bring this game to a new level.

    BigD Gaming was the first Australian community to host Post Scriptum servers right back when the game was in pre beta- now we are ready to launch our very own Squad 44 Server.

    We have been busy behind the scenes over the past couple of weeks preparing the hardware, software config and building a dedicated admin team to provide Squad44 players in the OCE region an awesome server to play on.

    See our Squad44 portal on the website for full details and server rules: https://www.bigd.com.au/squad44/


    What is Squad 44?

    Formerly known as Post Scriptum, Squad 44 is the most authentic WW2 first-person shooter, featuring 20 large-scale battlefields, upwards of 80 realistic WW2 weapons, and over 50 true-to-life vehicles. You must prioritize communication, coordination, and teamwork to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

    Key Features

    • Fight in large-scale 40 vs. 40 battles
    • Four major factions, including the armies and military branches of the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany
    • More than 50 highly-detailed vehicles, including armored tanks and cars
    • Over 80 authentic weapons, including the iconic American M1 Garand, the German MG42, and the British Lee Enfield
    • 20 historically accurate maps based on real-world archives, maps, and aerial photographs
    • A huge variety of roles and classes, such as medic, machine gunner, and anti-tank positions
    • A slew of game modes, including Offensive, Invasion, and King of the Hill, among many others


    BigD is your home of Squad44 in Australia

    BigD Gaming, a community-driven organization established in 2006, initially began its operations by hosting local servers for the Project Reality mod, based on Battlefield 2. Since then, BigD has consistently provided hosting services for cooperative-focused first-person shooter games like SQUAD (a contemporary forerunner to Squad44), Hell Let Loose (a notable World War II game), and various others.

    BigD Gaming is a voluntarily run entity, proudly presenting a vibrant multi-clan gaming community situated in Australia. It features proactive administrators, community involvement through events, responsiveness to feedback, giveaways, and additional offerings.


    Community, Admin Support, VIP Whitelisting

    BigD Discord is the best place to get instant support and communication, join today: discord.gg/BigD

    Want to help us keep the servers safe and free of disruptions? Apply to be an admin: https://www.bigd.com.au/application/form/4-squad44-admin-application/

    Banned from our servers? Please lodge an appeal via the Website Support tickets: https://www.bigd.com.au/support/create/

    Don't like waiting in line? Skip the queue to join our full servers! Donators are granted VIP whitelisting by supporting BigD: Read more and setup a donation here: https://www.bigd.com.au/subscriptions/

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