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    SQUAD is back....

    Cast your mind back to December 2015 when Squad official launched and so did BigD’s first ever Squad server. Fast forward to October 2022 and BigD decided after 7 years to take a break.

    Well, we are now proud to announce that after a 6 month break BigD has officially relaunched our Squad server.

    Before we get into what BigD and Squad will look like moving into the future. For those that do not know Squad here is a quick briefing.


    What Is Squad?

    Squad is a mass multiplayer online player vs player game consisting of 50 players either side. Each team has a simple task of capturing strategic points in order. This is called AAS (advance and secure), RAAS (Random Advance and Secure) and Invasion (enemy starts at the closest point to you but is the same principle as AAS).

    Squad also features massive arsenals of weapons and vehicles across ten playable factions, some of these factions include Australians, USA, China, Russia and Insurgents.

    The game is won and lost on a ticket point system, each side having a certain amount of tickets or points as some like to call them. Tickets are lost by eliminating players, vehicles and taking strategic points. Tickets can be won by taking back lost strategic points.

    Now that you have an idea of what Squad is, lets get back to what the future holds for Squad at BigD!

    How Can You Be Part of The Team?

    We have many roles at BigD that you can apply for in order to help run and maintain the server. You could sign up to be a seeder, all you need to do is head over to the BigD discord here; https://discord.gg/bigd and head to the #react-for-role channel and click the Squad Seed Role. This will then ping you when we call for our seeders to help and to get the server popped.

    You could be an admin and help maintain the servers high quality gameplay and help to shape the future of what Squad in BigD looks like. You can do this by heading to the BigD website here; www.bigd.com.au and submit a Squad Admin Application.

    To help support the server and get yourself reserved slot access, you can always take out a BigD+ reoccurring donation. Donations to BigD allow us to fund the servers and services provided to our gaming community. Read about our donations on the subscription page here: https://www.bigd.com.au/subscriptions/ 

    Server rules can be found here:  https://www.bigd.com.au/squad/



    Well we think that is enough for now and we are so excited and positive for the what the future holds.

    See you on the battlefield

    -BigD Squad Team


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