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Hell Let Loose Admin Application

Why BigD
BigD Gaming is in its 18th year of operation. Starting back in 2006, BigD Gaming was created based on a need for an Australian server for the BF2 Mod: Project Reality – a teamwork-based FPS game that hit the sweet spot between twitch shooter & milsim categories.

Hell Let Loose is one of the major games hosted by the BigD Gaming Community. With official developer support & backing, we are well placed to provide the Australian/NZ community the best gaming experience.
With BigD Gaming being rooted in Teamwork and Maturity whilst continuing to grow upon strong foundations we are set for an amazing experience for all. Which is why we need quality, fair admins to guide and police the server(s) we provide to the playerbase.

The Opportunity: Hell Let Loose Admin
We are seeking mature, level headed individuals to join the BigD Admin Team for Hell Let Loose. In this role, you will be on the frontline, putting out fires and ensuring the best possible gaming environment is provided to the greater community of Hell Let Loose DownUnder.

What we're looking for
• Mature, level headed approach to situations of all kinds
• Be a member of BigD Discord and to stay up-to-date on all admin communications
• Regularly play on BigD Servers
• Understand and agree to the BigD Server Rules
• Be willing to put assisting players over their own play time
• Ability to work well on your own and/or with other admins
• Proficient computer skills

What's in it for you
Being a Game Admin is no picnic, it is on you to ensure the gameplay and health of the server(s) you look after, keeping them top notch and free of drama.
It is a rewarding role for those who want to play in the best gaming environment for both themselves and the greater community.

To Apply
Please submit your application below.
Only serious applications will be considered.
BigD Gaming reserves the right to reject any application.

  • Enter your Steam64 ID for BigD Server Access. Steam64 ID will be only visible to you and Senior Admins.
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