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    BigD Gaming Media

    Hello BigD Community! 

    Today we are going to be sharing with you everything to do with BigD Media. We will be sharing where it all began, who is behind the helm and what the rest of 2023 loos like for us in the media team.

    Where It All Began:


    Caste your mind way back to April 28th 2014, BigD Youtube launched it's very first video with the launch of its official trailer. This was the era when BigD hosted games such as Arma 2, Arma 3, Project Reality and DayZ.

    This was a time when BigD was growing as a community, hosting amazing games and producing amazing content for the whole community to see and set the path for how BigD Media would grow over the years.

    Where Are We Now:

    Now fast forward 12 years and the Media Team Senior Admin role was taken on by Ethereal. 

    For the past almost 4 years, Ethereal has been slowly growing the Media Team and the platforms in which we are currently creating content on. BigD Media is now across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, tiktok and has a wider reach than ever before.

    Although we know that a large presence across multiple platforms allows us to show our content to more people around the world, there is no mistaking that our Youtube Channel has been our biggest success! With recently reaching 5k subscriber......


    and a video to reach over 1 MILLION views!



    Who Is BigD Media and What Do We Do:

    BigD Media Team is no small team, we are a large diverse group of video editors, game footage capturers, streamers and commentators, who all work together to create content for the BigD Media channels and the affiliated streamers of BigD.

    Examples of such affiliated members are guys like Noppers and Traumastoo, who you will see them streaming and commentating BigD events for games such as Hell Let Loose and representing the BigD Media Team on their respective twitch channels.


    It is this diversity and broader outlook that has allowed us to grow in the way we have and to take on board more and more members from the community.

    It has never been about being the biggest or the best in the world. Our focus has been and always will be, to create content for the community, from the community and to be able to make content that is both enjoyable and relatable.

    Where To Now:

    We always believe in setting goals as it gives us something to strive towards and keeps us as hungry as day one. We wont give away to much of what the future holds, where is the fun in that!

    So make sure you keep in tune with all our four media platforms and to subscribe to them all so you do not miss a second of the action.

    We will be keeping you well informed of how the Media Team is going and any major projects we will be taking on, so keep your eyes firmly on the website for upcoming articles.

    But until then here are some handy links for all our socials!


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/bigdgaming

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bigdgamingau/

    TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bigdgamingaustralia

    -Bigd Media Team

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