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Garrison Hunt


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Game mode:  Warfare on Hurtgen Forest Night

Players: 20-98

Admins/Refs: 2-4

Rounds: 2

Round Time: 45 minutes

Event Time: 2 hours including setup (not including overtime)

Setup Required: Events staff to build 8 garrisons in each team's 2nd sector (C & D columns for Allies; G & H columns for Axis – see map).


Game:  Instead of fighting to capture sectors and strongpoints, each team starts with 8 garrisons set up, then must work to take down all 8 enemy garrisons while protecting their own.  Whichever team destroys the most enemy garrisons, wins.


* Once a garrison has been destroyed, it cannot be rebuilt.
* Teams may not dismantle their own garrisons and then rebuild them.
* The match will be infantry only, no armour or artillery.
* All infantry roles and weapons (excluding AT guns) are permitted.
* All Commander abilities (excluding Bombing Run & Precision Strike) are permitted.
* Troop trucks and supply trucks are permitted.
* All other spawn types (outposts, airheads, and halftracks) are permitted, and may be moved, rebuilt, or replaced as required.
* Enemy Outposts/Airheads/Half Tracks are fair game, however these don’t count toward the win conditions.
* BOTH TEAMS TO AVOID CAPPING MID AT ALL COSTS.  In the event of a mid-sector cap, no spawn points (including OPs, garrisons, half-tracks, airheads) are to be placed in the mid sector.

Win conditions:
The first team to destroy all enemy garrisons, or the team with the most garrisons remaining at the end of the match will be the winner.  In the event of both teams having the same number of garrisons when the round ends, the round will enter Sudden Death for 5 minutes or until a garrison is destroyed.  

During Sudden Death, any player that is killed stays dead and may not re-spawn. 

At the end of the 5 minutes Sudden Death, if both teams still have the same number of garrisons, the team with the most surviving players is the winner.   If Sudden Death ends with equal number of garrisons and equal number of players, the round will be considered a draw.

Event Sign Up at: https://discord.com/channels/117788388525998087/963292619780292608/1071006825144651858

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