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    Direct Contact - Exclusive Offer For BigD Community!

    Hello BigD Community!

    So you saw that we have an exclusive offer for a game you have either heard of or yet to gaze your eyes upon! Well do we have an amazing offer for you and only you! 

    BigD Gaming has been an official partner to the upcoming Tactical Milsim called Direct Contact (DC for short). BigD Gaming has been backing DC through our discord, this website and our social media e.g. Youtube. 

    Direct Contact is bringing immersion in tactical gaming to the next level, This is a game being made by gamers for gamers with the support of gamers, the developers are passionate about player experience.

    So now BigD has been given an exclusive offer ONLY for our BigD Community to take full advantage of! 



    The offer is this......early IMMEDIATE to Direct Contact for a one time payment of $30 USD, which is roughly $46 AUD.  This will get you playing Direct Contact straight away.......MONTHS before the release of the game in Q4 of this year!

    Now I know what you might be thinking, why $46 for a pre-alpha game so early in development? Well the answer to that is easy, you are paying $46 AUD to do the following:
    1) Back Direct Contact as an early access player and be part of the journey as the game develops
    2) Have the game at a discounted price as gaining access to DC in early access costs over $100 via patreon
    3) Being able to give constructive feedback on the game as it develops and offer suggestions to the devs in their discord channels 


    To be eligible to redeem this offer then you simply have to meet the following requirements and then follow these steps for early access key redemption.


    1) You have been a member of the BigD discord for minimum of 3 Months from the date of this artcle/post (March 1st 2023 onwards)
    2) Make a ticket in the Direct Contact discord saying that you are from BigD Gaming and wish to redeem the exclusive early access steam key offer
    3) Show the devs in the ticket a screenshot that you have been a member of the BigD community for 3 months consecutively. (March 1st 2023 onwards) You must then remain within both the BigD and DC discord whilst Direct Contact is in it's early access stage.
    4) The devs will then take you onto the next steps on purchasing the game and going over an early access NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so this means you must be 18+

    But we also know that this offer is not for everyone and that's ok! We will be continuing to update you on future offers and giveaways that BigD host for free steam keys!

    To be able to keep tabs on everything Direct Contact you can join the Direct Contact Discord and the BigD discord via the links at the bottom of the this article.

    - BigD Direct Contact Team

    *BigD Discord: https://discord.gg/bigd
    *Direct Contact Discord: https://discord.gg/6uSzxwvZpk

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