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    Direct Contact - Early Access is almost HERE!

    Why Early Access?

    Early access allows the developers to have the game available to the public but under a banner that informs people it is still a work in progress.

    Direct Contact will have the community involved as the game is in development throughout the entire early access time frame.         
    The developers are wanting Direct Contact to be the best military simulation it can be and with your feedback, the Direct Contact title will triumph for many years. 


    How long will Direct Contact be in Early Access?

    Direct Contact will be in development for 12 months and beyond before it leaves Early Access. This time frame allows the developers to ensure that every feature they want added is set to go and that Direct Contact releases as a near flawless game with no game breaking bugs or glitches.


    How will the full release look different from the Early Access version?

    Direct Contact is going to be one giant Military arena! It will be a military world for you as the player to have full immersion and the closest authentic experience gaming on a PC can offer.
    Direct Contact has been built on the Unreal 5 engine and will bring you into the next generation of tactical shooters. You will have the ability to drive military vehicle, fly helicopters, call in airstrikes, control advances drones, play in PvP mode and simulations of PMC-style scenarios for you to test out your skills.


    What does the current Early Access look like?

    For a full listing on everything Direct Contact we recommend going straight to the steam page via this link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2084450/DIRECT_CONTACT/

    This will give you all the info you need on the current Early Access.


    Will Direct Contacts price change during and after early access?

    We plan to gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features. This means that you have a rare opportunity to get behind the games development now and be there from the start! 

    Not only will you lock in an amazing price point, but you will see the game develop and be able to provide input and feedback as it becomes the standard next generation of tactical shooters.


    How do they plan to involve the community in developing Direct Contact?

    Direct Contact has an ever-growing Discord community you can join and get amongst the chat! We have dropped a link down the bottom of the article to get you there fast! This discord is the place that the developers are very active in, talking in chat and in voip, whilst always having the time to take on positive feedback on how the games development.

    Direct Contact has also been very heavily involved in creating partner communities, just like how BigD is now! We help to promote Direct Contact and get it out into the world as it develops. The developers have also taken on board a large number of content creators, these content creators help to drive the excitement of Direct Contact and also grow their own channels at the same time.


    Direct Contact: Embracing the Future with Patreon and Introducing the Exclusive Founders Role to involve the community in developing Direct Contact.

    As "Direct Contact" gears up for its next giant leap, the team behind the much-anticipated game has announced a significant shift in their approach to community engagement and support. For the past year, Patreon has played a vital role in the game's development, offering a unique platform for fans to contribute directly to the game's journey. As "Direct Contact" continues to evolve, so does its relationship with its Patreon community.
    In December, the game is set to introduce the "Founders Role," an exclusive new tier on Patreon. This move is a change and an expansion of the game's community-driven focus. The Founders Role is designed for longstanding supporters and newcomers who wish to be at the forefront of "Direct Contact's" ongoing development. The Founders Role is poised to offer a more immersive and engaging experience for the community. It’s a channel where the supporters don’t just watch the game grow but actively participate in its development journey.

    The Founders Club, accessible through this new tier, will include secret channels and a Voice Chat (VC) option where members can have real-time conversations with the game developers. This level of interaction is a testament to the team’s commitment to maintaining a close-knit and engaged community.

    "Direct Contact" has been making significant strides in fostering collaborative partner communities, with BigD being a prime example of such successful collaboration. Our efforts are geared towards amplifying the reach of "Direct Contact" as it progresses through its development stages. This partnership not only aids in propelling the game into the spotlight but also enriches the overall gaming ecosystem.

    In addition to these community collaborations, many content creators have been brought on board. These creators are pivotal in fuelling the excitement around "Direct Contact." Their involvement enhances the game's visibility and provides a platform for these creators to expand their channels. This symbiotic relationship between "Direct Contact" and content creators is a testament to the game's commitment to growing alongside its community and partners.


    If you wish to see just how action packed Direct Contact is in its pre-alpha stage, then head over to the BigD Youtube channel where you can see all the action unfolding, as well as listen to some podcasts with the developer ED and his right hand lady Lemon! Click this link to go straight to our page! https://www.youtube.com/@BigDGaming


    Handy Links:

    *BigD Discord: https://discord.gg/bigd

    *Direct Contact Discord: https://discord.gg/6uSzxwvZpk


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