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    BigD Gaming and ASOT - Australian Special Operations Taskforce Partnership

    BigD Gaming has always thrived of a set of principles, "Teamwork and Maturity" and we have lived by this since day one when our logo was the amazing boxing kangaroo in front of the rising sun. 

    We have also lived by a model that has allowed us to thrive as a community, a large and diverse community that has stood for 16 years! This diversity comes from being made up of a large collective of clans/groups, that all work towards a common goal. To host servers of games we are all passionate about and to all do our part. 

    We have done this all whilst working with other like minded communities to harbour a strong bond and collective of spaces, within the oceanic region. 

    This now leads us to today and the amazing partnership that BigD is proud to announce!



    ASOT is an ARMA 3 community that aims to achieve realistic yet enjoyable game play in what they call a semi-hardcore game style. What this means is they use real to life military tactics, procedures and structure whilst still maintaining a relaxed approach. They do not expect members to address staff by rank or ‘Sir/Ma’am’. With many years’ experience and tens of thousands of hours of experience throughout the group, their knowledge is vast. They have a number of previous and currently serving members of the armed forces who have helped develop the game play into a good balance of realism and playability


    ASOT are based on a fictional department/corps of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Their ORBAT, procedures and structure are created to resemble closely to the ADF. Being fictional has allowed them to create a flexible and varied ORBAT including many vehicles, air frames and weapons used by other countries. Essentially, it allows them to use what they want, when they want.


    ASOT's missions are created by their highly skilled mission creation team and lead by their dedicated Zeus team. This allows for well balanced, challenging yet enjoyable game play. Although primarily focused on the modern era ADF/military, they also run missions based throughout the ages for both their main operations and mid-week missions/events. One week it could be WWII, next could be futuristic. The same ORBAT, structure and procedures are kept relatively the same, but this allows them to play as ASOT during any period of humanity. Fictional missions are also an option.

    BigD does not current run any form of ARMA 3 servers in the oceanic region and this has lead us to partner with the amazing community that ASOT is. ASOT has many of the core values that BigD does and strives for being inclusive and open to all that wish to enjoy arma how it was meant to be played. Now all BigD members and ASOT's members have a much larger network and can them collaborate and build long lasting community friendships.

    ASOT advertises all their missions/skrims within the BigD discord for a central and simple way of getting involved. You can find all the ARMA 3 info you like in the BigD discord in the Arma section.
    We have added heaps of helpful links below so you can stay in the loop with all things BigD and ASOT.

    Helpful Links:
    BigD Discord: https://discord.gg/bigd
    ASOT Discord: https://discord.gg/asot
    ASOT Website: https://www.australianspecialoperationstaskforce.com/

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