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    Operation Northern Storm - After Action Report

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    Hi Everyone!

    Operation Name: Operation Northern Storm
    Date Run: 05/05/2024
    Players in Attendance: 11

    Squad Performance:
    Leadership team are very impressed with how the squad operated inside of mission, kept things tight and everyone performed well together.

    Given the scope of the mission, some extra time to scope out tasks and objectives pre-assault would have made a couple of things more smoothly.  Senior Admins with take this on further with more detailed mission planning in the brief, prior to the operation.

    Delay with mission step off:
    We had a slight issue with a number of people joining late, which delayed step off time.
    If we can try to join at connection time so we are ready to go by step off to keep making sure the night is smooth.
    We are aware that we are only a couple of ops in and are still getting into the swing of things and that sometimes there are other factors such as technical issues or a delayed briefing that can cause delays as well.

    In-game debrief:
    While we would typically be able to do this one in-game to give us more of an immersive feel as well as getting it all out as we go, due to a couple of technical issues, we were unable to have that happen as intended.  We are still investigating if it is linked to the performance hick ups that we had during operation of if it is something seperate.


    Have anything else to share?
    You can have your say HERE 
    Otherwise, see you in the next one!

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