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    Operation Backhand - After Action Report

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    Hi Everyone!

    Operation Name: Operation Backhand
    Date Run: 19/04/2024
    Players in Attendance: 14

    First Operation:
    Our first official operation for BigD!
    Very exciting for us Senior Admins as a couple of months of back end work has led to this point.

    We had a pretty good turn out for what I expected, being new to operations in BigD it does take a few steps before we can start running but all in all I am personally happy with everyone who turned up, showed support and had a good night. So a deep hearted thank you from us to all who attended to make the night happen.
    These kind of things wouldn't happen without you guys!

    The Civilians: 
    Starting with something a little light hearted, we fortunately are aware of what was causing the issue as the script that was causing the civilian vehicle traffic specifically was running 1x per client without an interface.  That being the server and three headless clients. So when the server asked for 1x vehicle to be spawned, it spawned 4x.
    While comical, we do understand that this could have had quite a negative aspect to the mission as the civilians stopping in combat zones and their wonderful driving ability to ram into ALPHA's vehicles on their way to objective leading to a few casualties over the course of the night.  There were attempts to fix it during mission, but this was unsuccessful.  However the issue has since been resolved going forward.

    Coordination and Communications
    Being our first operation, I do believe a lot of these issues will be fixed with time and experience, but they are still worth bringing up now so we can all have a think.

    Firstly, a reminder to Platoon Leaders, Squad Leaders and Fireteam Leaders that the players likely lack significant Arma Operation experience, let alone tactical/milsim knowledge. It's crucial for them to provide exceptionally clear and precise directions in light of this to ensure that orders and directives are clear to all receiving and can be successfully passed down the chain.

    A few things we noticed in this regard:

    • There was no established leadership hierarchy (e.g., if the SL is incapacitated, FTL Blue should assume command).
    • Convoy briefing lacked a defined order of march; only general instructions were given for Blue team to take point. (Just a small note on this, convoys is something that even the most experienced MILSIM groups can struggle with so don't feel like this is a unique issue to us)
    • Issues such as enemy contact during movement were not addressed.  This is somewhat important to the cohesion of the squad, as if a fireteam member doesn't report contact then not only are the rest of the fireteam not able to react to it, but the Squad Leader is unable to reorg the squad into combating the threat if needed.  A secondary issue, is if members don't report contact and are taken out by them, then you may be facing the respawn screen instead of quickly being picked up.
      Contact reports don't need to be anything too crazy, just mainly on squad net "Contact - Infantry/Vehicle/Etc - Direction or Compass"
    • While teams were assigned positions by the SL, specific arcs and designated areas for observation were not clearly communicated by FTLs, resulting in suboptimal coverage. This wasn't a huge issue due to the enemy force and the terrain, but without covering arcs of fire, the squad/s are at risk of being outflanked by hostile forces.


    Have anything else to share?
    You can have your say HERE 
    Otherwise, see you in the next one!

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